Does the sex of the rider alter the horse's behaviour?

Differences found included defensiveness and compliance when handled with males and females.

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Does increasing the number of riders change behaviour?

We found differences in responses to rider signals with horses ridden by several different riders.

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Can certain in-hand behaviours predict dangerous ridden behaviour?

E-BARQ revealed that bucking, rearing and bolting are all associated with some particular in-hand behaviours.

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How does horse behaviour change over time?

We investigated age-related changes, including independence and boldness, in horse behaviour.

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Do mares and geldings behave differently?

E-BARQ revealed some minor differences on the ground but none under saddle.

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An E-BARQ Pilot Study

An early version of the E-BARQ questionnaire revealed that horse training, management and behaviour may influence learning.

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Collaboration is Key

LWe wanted to be sure that you, the horse owner, are also getting what you need from E-BARQ and so we asked you.

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Previous Online Surveys

We investigated sources of bias in previous online surveys to minimize these in the final E-BARQ version.

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The Development of E-BARQ

E-BARQ was developed over eight years and in collaboration with horse owners from around the world.

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The Validation of E-BARQ

With the collaboration with other institutions, we ensure E-BARQ was a valid and reliable instrument.

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