Why form your own E-BARQ behaviourist group?

  1. Do you want to help your clients get the most out of their horses?
  2. Do you wish you knew more about your clients horses' behaviour?
  3. Do you value bond-centred practice?
  4. Do you have a minimum of 10 clients in your network?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, please read on….

The E-BARQ Team at the Sydney School of Veterinary Science has introduced a new feature that helps you as behaviourists to see at a glance which of your clients have the most challenging horses. It’s called the E-BARQ group feature.

With this tool, you can compare all your clients’ horses’ E-BARQ results and see their strengths and weaknesses. It allows you to compare each horse with both those of your other clients and the entire E-BARQ population.

Your E-BARQ group will enable you to proactively engage with clients and maximise your safety by knowing, in advance of a consultation, which horses are most likely to present a safety risk in terms of behaviour and training.

Imagine the benefits of knowing, in advance of an appointment, that an unfamiliar horse you were due to attend had particularly low behavioural scores, e.g., for confidence with humans or novel objects. This could help you prepare for the visit by planning the best approach for your consultation. Knowing what you are dealing with arriving at the consultation leads to better planning and a safer situation for you, your clients, and their horses.

How to form an E-BARQ group


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